Exercises & workouts

Top support on rings
Band assisted pull-up 14kg (red)
Pike ins on rings
Side V-up
Front foot elevated kick stand squat
Band assisted ab wheel rollout 23kg (blue)
Standard Box Around the world
Czech pull-up one
Crossfit Open 14.3
Band assisted dip 14kg (red)
Pull-up feet on floor
Wall facing tuck balance
Bench dip
Bottom support on rings
Band assisted pull-up 23kg (blue)
Hand release Pushup
Negative pushup
Jumping lunge
Diagonal V-ups
Handstand hold, back against wall
Strict knee raises
Push Up
Hollow Hold
Nordic Hamstring on GHD
GHD Crunches
Handstand scissors
Weighted Chest to Ring
Ab wheel rollout on knees