Exercises & workouts

Bar muscle-up band assisted 30kg band (green)
Straight arm bar muscle-up band assisted
Leg raises with lat activation
PVC Banded Front Lever Pull Down Holds
Cyclist squat
Pseudo planche pushup
Banded kipping pull-up 14kg
Straddle czech 2
Band assisted muscle-up 7kg band
Ring Biceps Curl
Band assisted single bar dip 14kg
Strict Handstand Pushup for max ROM, 5 reps
Strict ring pull-up
Deadbug diagonal
Lateral mountain climbers
Hanging flutter kicks
AMRAP Muscle ups
Situps ball chest to toes
Prisoner single leg RDL
Handstand single leg kickups short float
Dips between chairs
Glute bridge with band
Hollow to arch roll
Strict HSPU for ROM
Rope Climb
Ring Row scapula retraction
Straight leg straight arm situp