Exercises & workouts

Push Up
Weighted Chest to Ring
Single leg glute bridge
Dragon flag
Sissy Squat
Negative Bar Dip
Band assisted ab wheel rollout 14kg (red)
Hollow rock
Body saw on rings
Bar muscle up with towel
Pushup on dumbbells
L-sit Rocks
Weighted erom pushup
Bar muscle-up band assisted 7kg band (orange)
Kickup and bail
Ring Dip band assisted 7kg (orange)
GHD sit-up ME in 60s
GHD sit-up ME in 20s
Box press three
Eccentric Ring Dip + kip
Band assisted dip 30kg (green)
Assisted Sissy Squat
Pistol to bench
Bar muscle-up band assisted 14kg band (red)
Band assisted single bar dip 7kg
Situps ball overhead to toes
Pushup against wall
Assisted pistol