Exercises & workouts

Bar muscle-up band assisted 23kg band (blue)
Band assisted knee raise into bar muscle-up
Supinated ring pull-up
Strict Sternum Pull-up
Butterfly half pull-up with top pause
Reverse plank
Jack knifes
Chin over bar band assisted
Prone to pushup to tuck lean
Diamond pushups
1 1/2 pull-ups
Handstand marching
Hanging scapula shrugs
Muscle-up from box without false grip
Plank shoulder taps elevated
Arnold Ring Row
Shrimp Squat
Negative pushup on box
Handstand single leg kickups no balance
Banded kipping pull-up 7kg
Muscle-up on floor
Kip Swing
Strict handstand pushup 5cm
Banded sissy squat
Ring Row wide position
Dual DB Hollow Flutter Kicks
Bulgarian Ring Row
Elbow headstand