Exercises & workouts

Dynamic side plank
Dynamic side plank with leg abduction
Strict Chest to bar pull up
Tuck Sit
Ring Dip
Weighted Ring Pushup
Wall Heel Pull
Tuck Front Lever
Box around the world for 3 minutes
Wall walks
Handstand walk for 3 minutes
Squat Snatch
Kipping pull up
Step ups
Plate step ups wall facing
Hanging leg lift, alt. Leg
Air Squat
One leg tuck dragon flag
Negative Handstand pushups
Kipping pull up top pause
Plate step ups
Butterfly pull-up
Hollow Ups
Single Leg Tuck L-Sit
Plate step up side to side wall facing
Ring Row Level 1
Wall facing handstand scissor rebalance
Plate step up forward