Exercises & workouts

Alternating bench jack knife
Adductor side plank
Pike march
Band pull apart
Leg lifts in Dip Support
Elbow Side plank
FG Muscle Up on Riser
Chest to wall handstand pushup
Negative Strict Muscle up from boxes
Pike scissor rebalance
Pike handstand scissor
Strict pronated pull up
Medball GHD sit-ups
Knees to Elbow
Wall Handstand leg shuffle
Wall Facing Hip Taps
Pistol on box
Angled wall hold
Butterfly pull-up with top pause
Ring pull-up supinated to pronated
Band assisted dip 7kg (orange)
Pull-up feet at hip height
Single leg hip thrust
Box press two
Hanging knee raises in stall bar
Inverted row
Band assisted pull-up 7kg (orange)