Exercises & workouts

Chin over bar band assisted
Prone to pushup to tuck lean
Diamond pushups
Hanging oblique raises
Handstand pushup 3cm
Supinated ring pull-up
1 1/2 pull-ups
Band assisted knee raise into bar muscle-up
Bar muscle-up band assisted 23kg band (blue)
Hanging scapula shrugs
Plank shoulder taps elevated
Arnold Ring Row
Muscle-up from box without false grip
Jack knifes
Shrimp Squat
Negative pushup on box
Band assisted pull-up 2 x blue
Banded kipping pull-up 7kg
Kip Swing
Handstand marching
Banded sissy squat
Ring Row wide position
Dual DB Hollow Flutter Kicks
Handstand single leg kickups no balance
Leg raises with lat activation
Bulgarian Ring Row
Strict handstand pushup 5cm
PVC Banded Front Lever Pull Down Holds