Exercises & workouts

Pistol to bench
Bar muscle up from between boxes
Alternating situps feet anchored
Wall facing tuck
Band assisted dip 23kg (blue)
Wall facing scapular shoulder shrugs
Half hanging leg raises
Plank march
Czech pull-up two
Explosive hip situps
Bulgarian Split Squat medial pull
One leg glute bridge foot elevated
False Grip Ring Row
Muscle Up on Riser
Pull-up behind the neck
Straight knee calf raises
Dynamic Side plank on bench
Ring Dip band assisted 14kg (red)
Active Hang in rings
L Hang on rings
Elbow plank alternating lateral feet movement
Legless Rope Climb
Single arm active hang
One arm ring row anti rotation
Strict Sternum Pull-up
Butterfly half pull-up with top pause
Hanging oblique raises