Waiters walk 30s

Category: Body Weight Strength


Pick a weight and walk with it for 30s, note the weight. How fast you walk is not important it is the locomotion itself that is important.

Straight elbow

Weight stacked over the shoulder

Arm towards the ear, not ear to arm.


Variations: All 1RM 2RM

Median score: 2 x 24kg (1x118kg)
Average score: 31


99% 45kg
60% 2 x 24kg (1x118kg)
25% 24kg

Top male efforts, show female

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Athlete Date Result
Staffan Norman 2019-12-16 45kg
Andreas Fernstedt 2020-04-22 2 x 24kg (1x118kg)
Mikael Asp 2019-10-23 24kg