Exercises & workouts

Jumping pullups
SL Hip thrust on chair with pause
Hip lifts
Hip adductor hold
Hip abductor hold with leglift
Hinge Row
High Beat Swing with towel
Handstand switch kickups no balance
Handstand single leg kickups short float
Handstand single leg kickups no balance
Handstand marching
Hamstring hold in lunge
Medball GHD sit-ups
GHD Crunches
Front foot elevated split squat bw
FG Muscle Up on Riser
Feet elevated crunches
False Grip Ring Row
Explosive hip situps
Elbow star plank
Elbow plank scapula protractive
Elbow headstand
Dynamic FG Ring Row Transition
Dip support weight shift
Dip support march
DB Star Plank
Cross body mountain climbers