Terms and Conditions

BoxPeak is a brand name for Swordhero AB

Swordhero AB collect fees for third party which have a third party agreemeent with BoxPeak. BoxPeak is therefore the sole representative. All questions or claims regarding events and its implementation shall be directed to the venue / organizer.

Terms of ticket or digital goods purchase


A reservation of the ticket can be canceled until payment has been made. The distance contract law's rules on cancellation rights do not apply when purchasing event tickets. When payment has been made, the customer is therefore bound by his purchase. Lost ticket is not replaced. When choosing an eBid as a delivery method, the customer can print a new ticket himself.

Digital goods

Digital goods sold by BoxPeak cannot be cancelled since the service is delivered / downloaded instantly with the payment. For refund see the section Refund.

Service and distribution fees

In addition to the ticket price, the customer pays a service fee and in some cases also a distribution and / or delivery fee.

Personal use


Tickets may only be purchased for personal use and may not be used commercially. This means that tickets may not be purchased and / or traded for commercial purposes. Tickets may also not be offered in competitions or in connection with the offer of any other product or service without the written permission of Swordhero AB and / or the responsible venue / organizer. If the event has restrictions on the number of tickets per purchase and customer then the maximum number can not be exceeded.

Digital goods

All digital goods such as training programs sold by BoxPeak is sold for personal use and may not be used commercially.

Purchase that is in violation of the terms set

Swordhero AB reserves the right to cancel booking or purchase and with immediate effect to cancel a customer account in cases where the customer does not provide accurate information about himself or otherwise violates or attempts to circumvent Swordhero ABs terms that apply to ticket purchases. This applies, for example, if the customer books or purchases more tickets than permitted or purchases tickets for commercial use. In case of cancellations due to the above mentioned reasons, non-paid service fee or any distribution and delivery fees will be refunded. Swordhero AB may also decide not to refund the paid fare. The customer is responsible for the safe storage of the user ID and password, and no unauthorized access to the information.

Set events

The customer is responsible for checking that the event is not set or moved. In case of canceled or moved events, the customer should immediately contact the responsible arena / organizer. It is the arena / organizer who is responsible for questions about, for example, the redemption of tickets. In some cases Swordhero AB will redeem on behalf of the organizer tickets at scheduled events. At canceled events, service and distribution fees will not be refunded.



If the customer is entitled to repayment of a ticket and / or service and distribution fee, the customer must submit to Swordhero AB no later than one (1) month from the event date / day, the Swordhero AB's claim for refund and be able to give information about the transaction to be credited. If this is not the case, the customer is not entitled to a refund. This applies both to canceled events and in cases where the ticket has been shredded and the customer has been entitled to refund.

Digital goods

If the customer is entitled to repayment of the digital goods and / or service and distribution fee, the customer must submit to Swordhero AB no later than one (1) month from the purchase date / day, the Swordhero AB's claim for refund and be able to give information about the transaction to be credited. If this is not the case, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

General Terms and Conditions for Swordhero AB Services


Swordhero AB reserves the right to the Service (boxpeak.com) and its contents. The User of the Service does not own the right, in whole or in part, to copy, reproduce, save, move, transmit, distribute, publish, add other material or save on your own computer, any material associated with the Service (including text , Images, trademarks, logos, graphics and music) without the written approval of Swordhero AB. It is not permitted to use trademarks and / or logos associated with Swordhero AB's services or products unless otherwise agreed with Swordhero AB.

Legal Use

No information about the Service may be copied, processed or used without the express written permission of Swordhero AB. Violation of the prohibition may lead to legal action and possible damages and / or legal liability. If the customer violates Swordhero AB's terms, the customer may lose access to using the Service. Swordhero AB also has the right to cancel bookings on the site if the customer has provided misleading personal information or if the customer violates or circumvent Swordhero AB's terms and conditions.

Responsibility for the service

Swordhero AB provides an online service ("boxpeak.com"), where you can book and buy tickets and buy digital goods such as training programs. Swordhero AB takes responsibility for the purchases made on the website through our payment service providers Swedbank Pay, Klarna AB and Stripe Inc

Immaterial rights

All material within the Service is owned by Swordhero AB and is protected by copyright law. Copyright and other intellectual property rights to content and design within the Service (including text, electronic documents, graphics, images and sounds, photographs, databases, software, software products and services) are owned by Swordhero AB or a third party. Images, text or other material may not be copied without permission from Swordhero AB. Swordhero AB or its affiliates reserve all rights to content and software at the e-commerce site Swordhero AB.se.

The right to change

Swordhero AB has the right to update, modify, add or remove any material contained in the Service, and limit access to the Service without prior notice, at any time, to its sole discretion. Swordhero AB has, at any time, the right to change the terms of use of the Service as well as content and choice of services.


The service contains links to web pages maintained by a third party. On, and in the use of, these web pages apply terms compiled by third parties. Swordhero AB is not responsible for other parties' websites or their content. Swedish law applies to these general conditions.